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The Duo (co founders)

Foundation is a London based arts production duo, that centers the experiences of QTIPOC artists through multi-disciplinary events, that aim to provide an inclusive celebration of underrepresented communities, that are simultaneously political, fun and imaginative.


The duo understand the creative power of normalising diversity and want to pull on the ambitious, innovative and irreverent artistic practises of their communities to provide a strong foundation that encourages activism and social support.

Wired4Music (Sponsors)

The Wired4Music Generate grant supports a wide range of projects, from live music events to workshops and choirs, and aims to bring together Wired4Music members for collaborative music opportunities.


Creative Souls
Ijeoma Uzoukwu (Visuals)

Is an Artist who stumbled upon a Graphic Design path, maintaining self expression through both these mediums. Her goal is always to solve design dilemmas by creating mind ticking artwork, conceptually or/and aesthetically.  

Almass Badat (Filmmaker)


Almass Badat is a Filmmaker and Portrait Photographer. Born in London, Almass spent the majority of her early childhood in Lusaka, where she roots her inspiration for culture, nature and the Arts. Her work primarily explores Film and Photography with altruistic focus, and she is committed to creating meaningful content for young audiences.

Aneesha Dewshi (Communications)

Aneesha has been working within the field of PR and Communications for 8 years and carries a wealth of experience and knowledge of the UK media landscape. From the early years of her career she has always shown keen interests and appreciation within the field of music, fashion and culture, which are all reflected in her work. 

Rianna Jade Parker (Curator)

Bio to come

Claire Davis (Set Designer)

Bio to come

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